Sprouting Kit

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This Sprouting Kit has everything you need to spout seeds, beans and grains.

Sprouting Kit for Wide Mouth Mason Jars

Spouting is a great way to increase nutrients and and the heath benefits of your food.  Sprouting increases essential fatty acids as well as vitamins like A, B, C and E.  Sprouts are also richer in minerals and protein than their un-sprouted counterparts.

All the Tools You Need to Sprout in a Mason Jar

The Sprouting Kit comes with the following (mason jar not included):

  • One sprouting lid for wide mouth jars
  • One sprouting stand to optimize draining
  • One sprouting mat for easy no-mess draining

Just add a wide mouth mason jar and your favorite seed, bean or grain and you will be ready to get started.

How to Sprout Seeds, Beans and Grains in a Mason Jar

Spouting in a mason jar is as easy as rinsing and draining a few times a day.  There is no special skills or knowledge required.  Check our our blog post with all the instructions: How to Sprout Seeds, Beans and Grains in a Mason Jar.

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