Introducing: The Ergo Spout

The world's first ergonomic spout and handle for mason jars. 
Transform regular mouth mason jars into a comfortable pouring pitcher without the mess!

The Ergo Spout could become your favorite kitchen tool because of its versatility.

Use it with pint jars to drizzle homemade salad dressings or breakfast syrups.

  Add the Ergo Spout to a quart for easy pouring of juice or serving gravy to your crowd. 

Attach one to your vintage half gallon jar to brew your sun tea or lemonade.

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Hear what our happy customers have to say:

Was anxiously awaiting its arrival. I am so impressed with the quality. There is nothing like it on the market. It is so versatile. The best use we have put it to is to pour homemade syrup (what a savings.) We put orange juice into a larger bottle and used the spout for that. The white spout looks great with that. I bought extras at the kickstarter to use as wedding gifts.

-Cyndy H. 

Purchased a spout at a craft fair a couple of weeks ago, I’m always buying kitchen gadgets to try out. I’m ordering a second one right now. It a handy thing to have especially if you do a lot of canning with mason jars.

- Manuel P.


Great invention. I love to mix salad dressing in mason jars but have never had a pour spout until now. Now I do!! -Cynthia H.


Mason jars - a short history:

First invented and patented in 1858, the Mason jar is named after its inventor, John Landis Mason.  Originally used in home canning and preserving, the Mason jar has become ubiquitous due to its usefulness. The jar is used for drinking, storage, canning or crafts.  The one thing that sets the Mason jar apart is its standard mouth size.  The regular mouth Mason jar is 2.75 inches (6.985 centimeters) across the top.  The Ergo Spout will fit regular mouth Mason jars, from 12 ounces to half gallon volumes.


The Lid

The lid is completely removable. It connects inside the spout, creating a hinge for flip-top functionality.

The Spout

The main spout has a curved lip to reduce dripping and connects to a handle that is comfortable and non-slip.

The Gasket

A gasket is underneath where the jar comes into contact with the spout.  This provides a complete seal.

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