First invented and patented in 1858, the Mason jar is named after its inventor, John Landis Mason.  Originally used in home canning and preserving, the Mason jar has become ubiquitous due to its usefulness. The jar is used for drinking, storage, canning or crafts.  The one thing that sets the Mason jar apart is its standard mouth size.  The regular mouth Mason jar is 2.75 inches (6.985 centimeters) across the top.  The Ergo Spout will fit regular mouth Mason jars, from 12 ounces to half gallon volumes.


The Ergo Spout fits Mason jars whether they were recently manufactured or are of vintage age. This is only for regular mouth Mason jars. 


The Ergo Spout with different sizes of jars.


The Ergo Spout has three physical parts:  

  • The lid is completely removable. It connects inside the spout, creating a hinge for flip-top functionality.
  • The main spout has a curved lip to reduce dripping and connects to a handle that is comfortable and non-slip.  
  • gasket is underneath where the jar comes into contact with the spout.  This provides a complete seal, so there is no leaking between the base of the spout and the top of the mason jar.  




The Ergo Spout could become your favorite kitchen tool because of its versatility.  Use it with pint jars to drizzle homemade salad dressings or breakfast syrups.  Add the Ergo Spout to a quart for easy pouring of juice or serving gravy to your crowd.  Attach one to your vintage half gallon jar to brew your sun tea or lemonade.




The Ergo Spout will be made of food-safe polypropylene, which is BPA and phthalates free.  The material provides the strength to lift heavy jars.  It will not warp in the high temperatures of the dishwasher and microwave.



The Ergo Spout solves three basic problems with Mason jars.  

First, because Mason jars are glass, they become slippery when wet.  With the Ergo Spout you can avoid those slippery jars and pour without the risk of dropping it.  

The Ergo Spout also allows the possibility of pouring hot liquids such as syrup.  Because your hand need not come in contact with the jar, you can safely pour that hot syrup on your pancakes.  

Last, the Ergo Spout prevents sticky drips down the side of the jar by guiding the liquid to the curved spout.  

The Ergo Spout makes for comfortable, safe pouring without the mess.




We have been showing off the Ergo Spout and its development on social media. We are so happy with the love the Ergo Spout has been getting.  Back us today to get your very own Ergo Spout for your kitchen.





When my oldest son was younger, he LOVED pancakes with syrup. It might be more accurate to say that he loved syrup with pancakes. We went though A LOT of syrup at our house.  

My mother-in-law had taught me how to make a simple syrup with maple flavoring. It became a family favorite because it's easy, delicious and economical. She also gave me a fancy syrup dispenser. I loved it and used it all the time. Until...  

One day I chipped the edge while washing it. I searched the internet for a replacement, but couldn't find one. 

Then came the light bulb moment: wouldn't it be great if there were a spout and handle for Mason jars!  I looked all over for that too, but couldn't find it.  My husband, Bryce, and I decided to make one ourselves. 

Now, after laboring over a ton of versions for the last 18 months, we finally have it ready to manufacture.  We are ready to bring you the Ergo Spout!



Why do you call it the Ergo Spout?  

Because of the unique ergonomic handle.  

What about a wide mouth version?  

Due to interest we have decided to launch the Wide Mouth Ergo Spout with it's own Kickstarter campaign.  After the design, engineering and prototyping is done we will be ready to launch.  Look for it Spring 2019! 

What will it be made of?  

The Ergo Spout will be polypropylene.  Polypropylene is a food safe, non-toxic, BPA-free and Phthalates-free plastic. It will also have a silicone grippy over mold on the handle.  

Is it dishwasher and microwave safe?  

Yes. The plastic will not warp in the high heat of a dishwasher or a microwave.  

Is it air tight or does it seal?  

The Ergo Spout includes a silicone gasket to make a complete seal between the jar and the base of the Ergo Spout. We are working to make it as spill-resistant as possible with our flip-top lid. 

Is it dripless?  

The spout's design reduces dripping and will help prevent drips down the side of the jar. 

Are there different colors available?  

Yes, we are offering it in Vintage Blue, Barn Red, Foliage Green and Classic White.