Resources for Affiliates

Hi! Thanks for your interest in being an affiliate with Culinesco! We want to provide you with all the resources necessary for your success because it means that we succeed as well. If you can't find what you are looking for, or have ideas for additional collaborations please contact us! We love working with other business owners, bloggers and influencers on creative projects.

Below you will find information regarding our affiliate resources.


LeadDyno is the affiliate software we use to provide trackable links and track sales to our website.  It's super easy to use.  You can sign up or log into your account with the link below.   


Details for payments with LeadDyno
  • 10% commissions on sales
  • Paid 30 days after each sale
  • Paypal account required (If you use an email address that is different than your PayPal email address, see below.)
Adding an Email Address In PayPal

In the event that you sign up for LeadDyno with an email that is different from your PayPal email, you will need to add the LeadDyno email address to PayPal.  This can be done in your profile.  The video below will walk you through it.




We use BuyItLive as another software option for our affiliates.  BuyItLive is a platform that allows you to make your live videos buyable.  This means that viewer can easily checkout and pay without having to go to our website.  

If you do live videos on Facebook, this is a great way to allow your viewers to purchase our products as part of the watching experience.  Think QVC but for the internet.  Below you can see a FB video we did in association with BuyItLive and Pick Your Plum.

Sign Up/Login

Details for payment with BuyItLive
  • 10% commissions on sales
Sample BuyItLive Video

Discount Codes

Discount codes are another way to track sales to our website.  By having a unique code, we can see sales to our website even if your trackable link from LeadDyno was not used.

We offer a 10% off discount Code to all our affiliates.  Just email us at to request yours.