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Ergo Spout® - Wide Mouth Size

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We are excited to let you know that the wide mouth version of the 

Ergo Spout® is in the works and will launch in 2020!

It will be a bit different than our original syrup-dispenser inspired design because it will incorporate an airtight seal.  Also, we are optimizing the wide mouth for the half-gallon (64 oz) jars that Ball makes.  This will allow you to easily pour from the over-sized jars and transform them into a standard 2 quart pitcher.

Things that will be the same:
  • The comfortable non-slip handle
  • A spout that reduces drips
Things that will change:
  • The lid will be removeable for pouring rather than a flip-top cover.
  • The lid will provide an air tight seal.
  • The opening under the lid will have a smaller circumference to control the flow of liquids out of the jar.

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