The Fourth Color of the Ergo Spout

July 13, 2018

The Fourth Color of the Ergo Spout

Hi Ergo Friends!

The Kickstarter campaign is going great!  

It won't be long before the first stretch goal is unlocked and all our Backers will be able to choose the fourth color for the Ergo Spout. 

If you will remember, the Ergo Spout currently comes in three colors (pictured above):

  • Vintage Blue
  • Classic White
  • Barn Red

Once we hit $30,000 on the Kickstarter campaign we are offering our Backers a chance to chose a fourth color.  Voting will be made by Backers only so if you want to vote, you will need to get your pledge in. ;)  Here is the LINK.

Just a reminder that final color selection for your Ergo Spout(s) will be made after the campaign is complete.  We will also be collecting shipping information at the same time.

Once we reach the $30,000, we will send out an update through Kickstarter for Backers only that will have a link to the survey.  

Below are the colors that Backers will be able to vote on:

  • Sunshine Yellow
  • Flame Orange
  • Foliage Green
  • Plumb Purple
  • Midnight Black

The campaign will be open until August 1.  Thanks again to all who have pledged so far.  We are grateful for your support and excited to get the Ergo Spout into your hands.

Bryce and Kate

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