Thank you x 1052!

August 01, 2018

Thank you x 1052!

Dear Backers (all 1052 of you),  

Thank you so much for backing the Ergo Spout(TM)!  We are so humbled by your contributions and are excited to start manufacturing. We have been working on getting a manufacturing contract in place and will continue to update you here on our progress.  So what comes next?

Survey Email

Now that the campaign is complete we will be sending out a survey email to collect your color choices and shipping information.  We plan to send this out in 4 to 6 weeks.  We need to wrap things up with Kickstarter and get some systems in place first.

Where the Ergo Spout is Available  

We also wanted to let you know that the Ergo Spout(TM) is still available for pre-purchase over on Indiegogo. HERE is the link.

Wide Mouth Version

As mentioned in a previous update, we are planning another Kickstarter campaign for the Wide Mouth Ergo Spout(TM).  We anticipate we will be ready to launch the campaign in February 2019.

Social Media

In the mean time you can also find us on various social media platforms:




We look forward to keeping in touch with you.  Feel free to email us any questions at

Kind Regards, 

Bryce and Kate

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