How to Trap Fruit Flies in a Mason Jar

December 15, 2018

Ergo Trap: The Fruit Fly Trap for Mason Jars

Fruit flies can be pesky pests when they fly around the kitchen, but they are an inevitable part of life around fruit.  There are various ways to get rid of them, but the easiest and simplest may be to use a mason jar as a trap.

Building a Mason Jar Trap for Fruit Flies

Items you will need:

  • regular mouth mason jar (12-16 ounces)
  • bait
  • an Ergo Trap(TM)
  • metal band

The Mason Jar

When it comes to the mason jar you select for your fruit fly trap, there are various options because mason jar come in LOTS variations.  We recommend a regular mouth pint jar or even the 12 ounce jelly jars.  Select one that matches your kitchen decor if you like, as the jar will be sitting out near your fruit bowl.

The pint jar is the optimal size because it provides sufficient space for the bait and is not too large to have hanging out on your counter.  A quart jar leaves much more space between the top of the jar and the bait which may decrease the flies' ability to find it and become trapped.

The Bait

We have heard of a lot of different things work for baiting fruit flies--beer, wine, bananas, peaches.  All of these work, but we find that the most effective bait to attract fruit flies is apple cider vinegar.  

Fruit flies can't seem to resist apple cider vinegar.  Even as small amount as 1/4 cup is sufficient to lure the pests to their death.  We recommend 1/4 to 1/2 cup in the bottom of a mason jar.

The Lid and Band

The last thing you will need is a lid that will allow the fruit flies to find the bait without escaping.

There are a number of ways you can do this with things around the house:

  • Paper funnel
  • Plastic wrap with holes
  • Metal canning lid punched with holes

However, if you want the easiest and simplest way (along with the best looking) all you need is an Ergo Trap(TM).  The Ergo Trap(TM) is a mason jar insert designed specifically for trapping fruit flies.  It's dishwasher safe and easy to use. 

Simply add apple cider vinegar to the jar, insert the Ergo Trap(TM) and secure with a band.  Lastly, place the jar next to your fruit and watch your fruit flies disappear.


 Ergo Spout: The Fruit Fly Trap for Mason Jars

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